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Select one of the frequently asked questions below to learn more about buying, selling, and renting real estate. Also, begin to think about important things to consider when diving into your real estate search.

About Star Villas Real Estate

Why should I choose Star Villas Real Estate?

We are a team of experienced professionals who understand real estate in Spain as well has having a high success rate in buying and selling property across this region.

In which towns do you offer your service?

Our service operates in the Costa Blanca region of Alicante, Spain.

What kind of properties do you have listed on your website?

There are three types of properties that we list on our website; Apartments, Town Houses and Villas.

Buying a Property in Spain

What is my first step?

Before contacting us, we recommend that you spend time considering what your requirements are from the property you wish to buy, not just in the immediate future but 5 years on. Consider what the deal breakers would be with the property and what you could possibly live without. Prior to starting this process, you also need to be clear on the budget that you have available to spend.

What is the process of buying a property in Spain?

Usually, you will hire a real estate agent and give them a brief on what you’re looking to buy. From there, you view a collection of properties until you find the one and make an offer. If this is offer is accepted, you sign a reservation document to take the property off the market. Then a private purchase sale contract is drafted within two weeks where you pay a 10% deposit approximately.

After that, you must ensure that your mortgage is in order and then sign the Escritura de compraventa (Contract of Sale) with a notary, at which point the full cost of the sale including taxes are due.

How long does buying a home generally take in Spain?

It is difficult to put a definitive timeline on the process of buying a house in Spain. Typically it can take up to 6 weeks after the Escritura de compraventa is signed, but the buyer and seller can sometimes negotiate longer terms if needed.

How many homes should I view?

This really depends on your specifications and what is available on the market at the time. Usually if you choose the right real estate agent, and they understand your requirements you shouldn’t need to view too many.

What documentation do I need to buy a home in Spain?

If you are not currently a Spanish resident, you will need to bring your passport, an NIE card (Spanish Identification card) and ensure that you have your Spanish bank account set up.

How long can it take the seller to respond to an offer?

This really depends on the offer acceptance deadline, it could be hours or several days. Sellers also have the option not to respond to your offer at all. There is no legal obligation for them to do so.

Is it possible for a non-resident in Spain to get a home improvement loan from a Spanish bank?

The majority of Spanish banks do offer non-residents of Spain a home improvement loan. You just need to prepare a document estimating the cost of the home improvements required along with your application form.

What is Plusvalía Property tax in Spain?

The Plusvalía is a council tax based on the increase of the value of the land. It is charged by the town hall on properties when they are sold. It is calculated on the rateable value of the property and the number of years that have passed since the property last exchanged hands.

Can I secure the sale of a house in Spain with a deposit?

Yes, once your offer has been accepted by the buyer, you can pay a deposit on the house to secure the sale while the remaining paperwork gets prepared. The deposit is usually 10% of the sale price.

What extra expenses should I bear in mind when buying a house?

Depending upon the circumstances of your property, you may have to pay VAT & Stamp Duty, or a transfer tax. There are then other taxes including: Impuesto Sobre Transmisiones Patrimoniales (Spanish Transfer Tax), income tax provision for non-residents, estate agent fees, legal fees, Spanish mortgage and notary costs, land registry inscription fees and lastly your bank charges.

What is Spanish NIE and how do I get one?

The NIE (Número de identificación de extranjeros is the identification number that all non-residents have in Spain.

  • Fill out the NIE application form (EX-15), and print. You can obtain this form at any NIE office and it must be completed in Spanish.
  • If you’re in Spain, go to the police station or Oficina de Extranjeros. Outside of Spain, go to the nearest Spanish Consulate (the “Consulate dept legalizaciones”, not the Embassy to submit the form. Along with the form, you will also need to bring with you:
    • The filled-out form
    • A supporting document (such as a notarised letter) showing why you need a NIE
    • A copy of your passport (all pages)
    • A passport photo
    • Approx. 12 € to pay Tax Form 790.

Do I need to have a Spanish bank account to buy in Spain?

You do need to have a Spanish bank account to buy a property in Spain.

How much does it cost to own a property in Spain?

Usually it costs between 11 to 14 per cent. It is important to have your lawyer advise you on the estimated running costs of the property before you commit to the purchase. Typical charges include, water and electricity. Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles IBI which is a local Spanish tax. If you own a property that is in a development area, you will also be required to pay Community Fees.

Lastly, if you are a non-resident of Spain, you will be obliged to pay income tax.

Selling a Property in Spain

Are non-tax residents liable for Capital Gains tax in Spain when they sell their property?

Yes, when you sell your property overseas you are liable to pay Capital Gains Tax on your property.

Who pays the fees?

The seller of the property pays the Capital Gains Tax, legal fees and real estate agent fees associated with selling their house. They also have to pay for an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and conveyancing.

How long will it take to sell my property?

According to recent research, it takes 10 months on average for a property to sell in Spain.

Do I need to conduct viewings?

You do not need to conduct the viewings as the seller. Star Villas Real Estate will look after the viewings for you.

Will there be more viewings once I’ve accepted an offer?

This can depend on the conditions of the initial offer. The purchase is not official until the final contracts have been signed which means the buyer can still back out of the deal at any stage. Therefore, some sellers opt to keep doing viewings until the sale is fully complete.

When is the buyer or seller bound to the purchase?

The buyer and seller is bound to the purchase after the Escritura de Compravento (Contract of Sale) is signed in front of a notary.

What do I have to leave in the property?

There is no legal requirement to leave any furniture in the property upon moving out. However, some sellers may negotiate a deal with the buyer to leave certain pieces in the house as part of the whole agreement.

When do I have to move out?

In the final contract, a completion date will be specified and usually the buyer will collect their keys from the Estate Agents office.

Real Estate Agents

I am interested in a property, how do I get in contact?

Please send us an email to and we will be in touch with you within the next 24 hours to discuss your requirements.

I’m interested in becoming a member. What do I do?

Please send us an email to and we will be in touch with you within the next 24 hours to discuss your requirements.

What are the biggest benefits to becoming a Star Villas Real Estate Agent member?

By becoming a Star Villas Real Estate Agent member, you are provided with a dedicated account manager who will contact you on a regular basis to ensure your needs are been met and advise you on any queries you may have in relation to selling your property.

In addition, your property will be listed on our website and promoted through our various advertising packages.

How long will my property stay on the site?

Your property will remain on our site until it is sold.

Can I edit my property listing?

Yes you are edit your property listing at any time.

What does my advertisement plan include?

We have a number of advertising options available to suit your needs. The next step is to arrange a call with one of our team who will discuss the best options with you.